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All GUNNAR lenses are designed specifically for computer use. The GUNNAR solution combines patented digital eye strain reduction and blue light blocking technology to make your viewing experience in front of a screen more comfortable.

Why do you need custom prescription glasses for the computer?

20/20 sounds great, but just means you’ve been corrected to see well at 20 feet away (distance viewing). The glasses that your doctor prescribes for distance viewing actually may be causing you more eye strain at the computer. When corrected for distance vision, pushing your eyes to focus on near objects creates repetitive eye strain that can cause problems by inducing even more myopic progression (nearsightedness). Do your eyes keep getting worse? Want to keep your eyes from getting worse? Then you need a computer prescription.



Largest viewing field and completely optimized for computer distance. The most commonly prescribed and our most popular option. Choose for dedicated, long-term computer work if you don’t need reading glasses.

A single vision lens features one field of vision and one prescription power throughout the entire lens. Best for people who do long sessions of intensive computer work or gaming with minimal breaks. With a full field of vision optimized to computer distance, this option provides the most dedicated computer performance, but may not be as good for frequent multi-tasking. Users with high prescriptions may want to change back to general use eyewear when leaving the computer. Users with severe presbyopia (near vision loss due to age) may want to consider Computer Progressive lenses.


Large central intermediate (computer distance) vision field and smaller near (reading distance) viewing field. Choose for office environments if you need additional reading power.

Typical progressive lenses have a large distance field and very small intermediate viewing field. For most full-time computer users and PC gamers, this causes posture issues due to a permanently canted head position. Our computer progressive lenses deliver a large intermediate viewing field that progresses to a lower, smaller reading field. If you need reading glasses for viewing keyboard, printed material or items in the near distance, choose this lens over our Single Vision. Optimized for computer use, these lenses work best for computer distance or in a conference room up to 14 feet, and are not meant for long distances. Users with high prescriptions may want to change back to general use eyewear when leaving the computer.


Full progressive lens with distance at the top, intermediate in the middle and reading at the bottom. Choose if you require additional reading power while viewing digital devices in a wide range of distances.

Prior to uploading your prescription, we recommend a visit to your eye care professional. These trained professionals can best evaluate all aspects of your eye health. To prepare for the visit, measure the distance from your eyes to your computer screen and tell the doctor this measurement. Also, be sure to ask for your Pupillary Distance. (see below).

Note: We require a current prescription (within the last 24 months) to process any order. If you need assistance reading your prescription, reach out to our support team at support@gunnars.com.my, or connect with us messenger. We are happy to help!


We match each custom prescription to your facial geometry and require a key biometric, your Pupillary Distance (PD) i.e. the measurement, in millimeters, between your pupils. Ideally, your doctor will note this on your prescription. If not, you can obtain by:

  • With a friend. Have your friend hold a millimeter ruler in front of your eyes. Align one end with the center of one pupil (dark black part of your eye) and read the measurement at the center of the other pupil.


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