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So it has been a few weeks since I’ve checked in, and my goodness has a lot happened!

Be ready for a HUGE post with lots of pics!

BLIZZCon was a HUGE Success! Everyone enjoyed the new Steel Series SCOPE Glass. Here’s Some Pics from the Event:

Inside the Convention Center!

Kim Rom from Steel Series rocking the new SCOPE and goofing around with Jen from GUNNAR

So after BLIZZCon our next event was MLG Dallas. As somebody who has never been to an MLG Event before, it was AMAZING!  Here’s some pics from the event:

Me (Rishi) and the Team from Dr. Patrick's Office Showing the New MLG Styles @ the March Area!

Sony Was Hooking up the Winner of their Raffle with some of the new MLG Legends!

Team Triggers Down and Team Instinct Coaches got their GUNNARS on!

Neighb0r, Hysteria, Elamite, Lunchbox, and Cloud all rockin' their GUNNARS in the heat of battle!

So after all of the good times in Dallas I hopped on another flight to Las Vegas for the Call of Duty: Black Ops Midnight Release @:

We brought the GUNNAR Bus out to collaborate with the Alienware Humvee; allowing everyone to come by and game, along with win some prizing. Here’s some pics from the event:

Even though it was a bit cold outside, people were still down to play!

Some people preffered to stay warm inside the bus...

Even @ the AlienWare Humvee, people were gaming hard and enjoying their GUNNARS

Congrats to all of the Winners from our Raffle!

This Kid right here was fortunate enough to be the lucky winner of a pair of limited edition Call of Duty: Black Ops GUNNAR Glasses! He had come to the event with his father (pictured above), and had been asking about the glasses well before the raffle was announced. After I told him about the raffle, he was the first person in line waiting for me to announce the winners along with his father. It’s great to see kids who show us love and have love for gaming getting out there and winning. It’s also great to see parents come out and support their children’s passions. Congrats once again!

So after the Midnight Release, we brought the GUNNAR Bus out to the USHER show out in Vegas and Anaheim! Needless to say, it was an awesome time with plenty of people coming out and showing GUNNAR some love!

What's Wrong (or rather, who doesn't belong) in this Pic?

Legendary Producer BattleCat (Snoop, Game, Xzibit) and Producer Ben Franklen chillin with their GUNNARS on

The Avila Brothers (Bobby and Iz), Producers for USHER, Mary J. Blige, Gwen Stefani, and others!

Much Love to the Avila family for all of your kind hospitality and great times!

So after the concerts I was off to New York for the WIRED Store Opening Night! For those who don’t know, WIRED Magazine creates a pop-up shop every year during the holidays to showcase various sponsor’s products. This year, GUNNAR was fortunate enough to showcase our Amber and 3-D Line at the event, while showing off some unreleased TRON trailers! The event was great, with Santigold spinning for the night and a variety of people coming through to show love!


DJ Whoo Kid and Co-Founder Jenny Michelsen handling some interviews with WIRED

TRON in 3D...what more can you ask for?

So that pretty much concludes the travels for GUNNAR in the past month; big shoutouts to everyone we met on the way and to everyone who keeps showing us love! Be on the lookout for GUNNAR at more events in the very near future!


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