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What’s going on everyone!

Sorry for the lack of posts, it’s great to be back!

So to start us off, our good friends at Raptr have been working on something big, and it’s just come to life! For those of you who haven’t heard of Raptr, they’ve developed a service where you can see what games your friends are playing, while being able to interact with them in-game and across popular IM and gaming services.

Now, Raptr is launching an all new social news platform for Gamers. What makes this so unique compared to other social news platforms is that this service personalizes all the content it collects, and serves it to you based on the games YOU play, and the Friends YOU have!

Be sure to check out the GUNNAR Page!

With over 23 million gaming sessions and over a billion minutes of gameplay tracked each month, Raptr is tapping into its resources to bring you real-time insight on what’s hot in the gaming world. With this new service you can now submit gaming stories you find interesting, and the Raptr community can vote on what’s hot. From there you can watch the news spread to other gamers who have similar interests!

Now for the even more awesome news; we have our own Custom Topic Page, so you can follow us on Raptr, and share your favorite stories about us with the Raptr community too! Be sure to check out our page, and help us spread the word about our new featured topic! Check it out HERE


In other news, our good friends the Frag Dolls have been up to a lot of AWESOME things lately. In particular, Lanai was recently involved in a Black Ops Marathon with Machinima, called the Game for Japan Marathon. Lanai, along with Treyarch’s Community Manager Josh Olin, were gaming for over 38 HOURS! And of course, if you’re going to be gaming that long, you’ve gotta be wearing your GUNNARS

Congrats to Lanai and Josh for breaking the World Record and doing it for a good cause! Glad we could protect your eyes =)

So that about wraps things up for now, I’m getting ready for some HUGE upcoming events like MLG Columbus and E3, so be on the lookout for many more updates real soon!


Have a safe Memorial Day Weekend Everyone!


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