Fox LA Recommends GUNNARS

“I’ve really enjoyed wearing the GUNNAR Intercept glasses because they’ve made a noticeable difference in the amount of eye strain and eye fatigue I experience due to the hours and hours I spend in front of various monitors. The frames look great, people compliment them all the time and they’re very comfortable.” myFOX Tech Tired, Sore Eyes? Enter: Gunnar Optiks…

Total Gaming gives GUNNAR 9/10

The eyes are the windows to the soul, gamer’s eyes are always at risk and they need protecting as well. How many times have you been playing for a long time and your eyes have started to hurt? Your eyes hurt because of the strain of the screen, leaving them dry and fatigued.  The invention of gaming eyewear makes perfect…

“Intercepts were a wonderful respite for my sad, dry zombie eyes. Oh, and the new colors? Faaabulous!!” – WIRED

Gunnar Intercept Glasses As someone who stares at a tiny 13-inch monitor all day, and who then goes home to stare at a larger 42-inch HDTV, Gunnar Optiks glasses are kind of made for me. Say what you will about the company’s claims of detail enhancement and harmful blue-light reduction — the few minutes I spent wearing these glare-killing, fatigue-fighting Intercepts were…

“The most noticeable thing, and the whole point of this review, was the fact that the glasses worked as advertised.”

Reviews February 28, 2014 Gunnar Optiks Intercept Color Collection Written By: Kenneth Seward Jr. Date: 02/28/14 I’ve been gaming for a long time now. And in all my years of rescuing princesses and shooting friends online, not once did I think I would ever need eye protection. I mean sure, it was possible that I would need glasses when I…


By Kaleb Rutherford – 02/20/14 Gunnar Optiks has unleashed a new line of colorful glasses in their Intercept line of glasses. They come in a variety of colors including Cobalt, Fire, Ink, and Ghost. Each pair of Gunnar Optiks Intercept Color features a retro design with plastic that is very soft and doesn’t slip. When we stare at screens all…

10 out of 10

With all the technology that is in our faces, from home, to school to work its not surprising that so many people suffer eye strain and headaches at the hands of staring at a computer screen all day or night or both. In 2012 Forbes magazine reported that by 2017 the gaming industry would be pulling in a whopping 82…

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