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I played multiplayer on Crysis 2 and Bad Company 2 with these glasses. One thing I can say, if you are a sniper, order a pair. Every edge of a rock, tree, or machine seemed more defined. I found I could see opponents hiding in the brush and trees a lot easier in BC2. So, focusing on remote spots for long periods of time was a lot easier. For Crysis 2, talk about an advantage, I could see the stealth players a lot better. Usually the stealth opponent would have to move before I noticed them. With the Gunnars, I could see the stealth edges of their suit a lot better.  Colors were a lot more vivid with these glasses on static, colorful images. I opened various gaming background images in Photoshop and magnified the images though high and low resolutions. The colors just popped out at me. Metallic, grungy images had more detail; and, brighter images like fire, or explosions, had more definition. In fact, detailed graphic images like the Battlefield 3 cover, even seemed a lot fuller and rounded. I think this is because the glasses allow you to distinguish between the different levels of shading, which most gaming images have.

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