General Perception of GUNNARS before usage The first time I saw GUNNARs I’ll be completely honest and I thought, this was a company that was here to make money from gamers. However over time I noticed that more and more of my professional gaming friends were wearing them, but still thought perhaps it’s just a marketing stunt. I was used…


Marcus Hill Gamer tag: Dyrus Age: 20 Games Played: League of Legends Model Tested: Steelseries Scope Onyx/Carbon General Perception of GUNNARS before usage I saw GUNNARS as something similar to sunglasses. An accessory that protects your eyes from the sun. Except instead of the sun, it just protects your eyes from light in general. Feedback after trying GUNNARS: After a…


Alex Chu Age: 19 Gamer Tag: Xpecial Game: League of Legends Team: Team Solomid – Support Model: Paralex Gloss Onyx Pre-GUNNARS: As a gamer, I watch the monitor for several hours each day and my eyes would get extremely tired after a few hours, even frequently becoming bloodshot. At first, I was subscribed eye drops to relieve the pain and…


Shan Huang Gamer tag: Chaox Age: 21 Games Played: League of Legends Model Tested: SteelSeries Scope Onyx General Perception of GUNNARS before usage: I thought Gunnars was such a cool idea from the start… I spared no expenses when upgrading my computer gear (mouse, keyboard, headset) to gain the competitive edge, and Gunnars was a natural next-step. Feedback after trying…

Derek T

I played multiplayer on Crysis 2 and Bad Company 2 with these glasses. One thing I can say, if you are a sniper, order a pair. Every edge of a rock, tree, or machine seemed more defined. I found I could see opponents hiding in the brush and trees a lot easier in BC2. So, focusing on remote spots for…

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