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Happy Friday GUNNAR Fans!

The past couple weeks were bananas, and I’ve finally gotten a chance to recover. With that being said, it’s time to share it all with you!

So first off, let’s start with MLG Columbus. Columbus is usually known as one of the bigger MLG Events, and it definitely didn’t disappoint!  It was my first time out in Columbus, and I’ve got to admit, it’s a pretty sweet place (aside from the insane weather, I’ve never had to deal with a tornado warning before!). Here’s some pics from the event:

COD Pro Hastr0 is focused and ready to go!

COD Team Fear had an Amazing performance this event, big ups to them!

Halo Pro Team Triggers Down

Halo Pro Team Warriors and Pro Player Elamite Warrior came to do WORK!

Even when he's not in front of a Digital Screen, MLG Pro Coach Bravo has his Cortez Snow to keep him FRESH

SC2 Pro iNconTrol stays focused with his SCOPES

COD Pro Team Quantic Leverage

A big shoutout to everyone I saw out there, and many congrats to all the winning teams! I know that this event was filled with a lot surprises and upsets; now I can’t wait to see what MLG Anaheim has in store for us!

So immediately after Columbus I had to jet back to Los Angeles for the E3. For those who don’t know about E3, it is like the Mecca of Video Game Conventions/Events – you get to see the latest and greatest Video Games and Peripherals well before the even come out! So for E3 we brought out some of the guys from Machinima, including DunkusGoldGloveFPSRussia, and Hastr0. Thanks again for coming out with us guys, and a big shoutout to everyone else who was involved with us at E3! Here’s some Photos and Videos from the event!

Dunkus, Fwiz, GoldGlove, and Hastr0 gotta have their GUNNARS!

"Chuck's" Zach Levi had to show some love to the GUNNAR Crew!

The team with the MOST ANTICIPATED Game from E3!

The Frag Dolls held down the Ubisoft booth with their GUNNARS on!

Day 1 ReCap:


Day 2 ReCap:


E3 ReCap:



So all in all, E3 was CRAZY! With so much going on there, it’s easy to get lost in the mix (I’m just glad I survived!). I can’t wait for all of the amazing games coming out this year, it looks like I’m going to have some empty pockets this holiday season!

Well that about wraps things up over here, be on the lookout for more E3 content in the coming weeks. Thanks again for checking this out, have a great weekend!


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