Fox LA Recommends GUNNARS

“I’ve really enjoyed wearing the GUNNAR Intercept glasses because they’ve made a noticeable difference in the amount of eye strain and eye fatigue I experience due to the hours and hours I spend in front of various monitors. The frames look great, people compliment them all the time and they’re very comfortable.” myFOX Tech Tired, Sore Eyes? Enter: Gunnar Optiks…

GUNNAR Optiks® Eyewear Arrives in Staples Stores Nationwide in Time for Tax Season

Don’t Miss a Detail – GUNNAR Optiks® Eyewear Arrives in Staples Stores Nationwide in Time for Tax Season Carlsbad, CA – March 31, 2014 – This year, deduct the pain and stress of tax season preparation from your bottom line with GUNNAR Optiks®, the world’s leading manufacturer of computer eyewear.  For the first time ever, GUNNAR is teaming up with…

Total Gaming gives GUNNAR 9/10

The eyes are the windows to the soul, gamer’s eyes are always at risk and they need protecting as well. How many times have you been playing for a long time and your eyes have started to hurt? Your eyes hurt because of the strain of the screen, leaving them dry and fatigued.  The invention of gaming eyewear makes perfect…

CBS News Brings Digital Eye Strain Report Total Impressions Over 300 Million

In a segment released Tuesday, CBS Miami’s Eliott Rodriguez informs viewers of the dangers of Digital Eye Strain, interviewing The Vision Council’s CEO Ed Greene in a spotlight on the 2014 report DigitEYEzed: The Daily Impact of Digital Screens on the Eye Health of Americans. In just 24 hours, the segment has garnered almost 600,000 online impressions and almost 50,000…

The Justin Biebers of Minecraft Are Rewriting the Marketing Playbook

  BY SETH PORGES5 HOURS AGO This piece is part of Mashable Spotlight, which presents in-depth looks at the people, concepts and issues shaping our digital world. On a large screen in a conference room at’s San Francisco office, the face of an adolescent girl appears. Like an affectless Wizard of Oz, her floating head manages to mumble “Hi,” but…

How gaming glasses could turn the average Call of Duty player into a killing machine

As we get older, it’s inevitable that we lose some of our gaming mojo and become unable to keep up with the no-scoping, headshotting crowd. But there’s a ton of untapped, cyberpunk-y potential for improving middle-aged, near-sighted, arthritic skills. Assuming wearables take off, and the future takes a turn toward Blade Runner, you could have chips that lent your decrepit…

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