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Hello GUNNAR Fans!

Man it has been a crazy couple of weeks! I apologize for the delay in updating you guys, I just got all of the pictures back from the past few events so get ready for a HUGE post!

So let’s start off with PAX East, with over 70,000 people in attendance, this was easily the largest PAX Event to date! We had everyone from Pro Gamers like Hastr0 and Neighb0r, to TV Personalities like Adam Sessler and Jessica Chobot stop by the booth and make their presence known. But enough talking, I will let the pictures tell you guys the story:

Calm before the storm...

Mihaela is a PRO when it comes to demoing our glasses!

The Masses are gathering to get in!

Jen had her dreams come true when she met Wario

A big shoutout to everyone involved in PAX East with us, we couldn’t have done it without you! If you missed PAX East don’t worry, PAX Prime is just around the corner!

Fresh off of Boston we headed out to Las Vegas for Zynga’s first ever PokerCon. You may not know who Zynga is, but if you play any of the Social Media games like Farmville, Mafia Wars, or even Words with Friends, they definitely know about you! The event was great, with Poker Stars and Amateurs alike in the building:

The girls were dealing out cards and lookin fresh while doing it in their GUNNARS!

Pro Poker Star Mike Sexton was in the building dropping knowledge!

A big shoutout to Zynga for getting us involved, and thanks to everyone who came out!

Well that about wraps things up for now, we have MLG Dallas in a week so get ready to see some cool stuff coming out of there!

Got a question about PAX or PokerCon? Drop a line in the comments section below!

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  • Hi there…I am big time zynga poker fan and thanks for updates.


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