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Leading professional eSPORTs team aligns with GUNNAR Optiks to solidify the importance of performance eyewear for the competitive gamer

October 28, 2011, London, UK— Professional eSports organization Fnatic announced a partnership with GUNNAR Optiks , further establishing GUNNAR’s performance eyewear at the forefront of the professional gaming world.  GUNNAR will be collaborating with the Fnatic organization and professional team, made up of some of the best squads in the world, to solidify the importance of performance eyewear for the competitive gamer. GUNNAR’s continuous support for the eSPORTs community fuses with Fnatic’s expertise to achieve an ultimate goal: enhance, protect, and optimize the competitive gamers’ visual performance.

With GUNNAR’s support, Fnatic will work to educate their community on how and why GUNNAR’s Advanced Gaming Eyewear is a beneficial piece of equipment.  As adoption continues to increase among the players, you will see more of the Fnatic squads wearing GUNNAR eyewear at all major events and online video streams. Additionally, GUNNAR will work hand-in-hand with Fnatic on the future development of gamer-specific products and developing co-branded socket sets – interchangeable and custom temples for GUNNAR’s gaming eyewear.

“GUNNAR has been supporting eSPORTs for the past 3 years, ” says Michael Polin, director of marketing at GUNNAR Optiks.  “Partnerships with Major League Gaming, and fellow eSPORT supporter SteelSeries, opened our eyes to the great community that lies within eSPORTs.  We are very excited to be working with Fnatic, as their expertise in professional gaming will help us achieve an increased understanding for our product. Professional and avid gamers are putting in long hours playing and staring more intensely at screens.  Our eyewear allows them to improve their focus, protect their vision, and, in the long term, take care of their eyes. We are eager to achieve a new level of connection and interaction in the competitive gaming scene.”

Fnatic’s business development manager, Neil Kirk, further describes the synergistic partnership: “We’ve been collaborating with GUNNAR Optiks recently and really understanding how their eyewear can benefit us with our competitive gaming.  It’s estimated that 125 million Americans suffer from what is now commonly referred to as digital eye fatigue or computer vision syndrome.  GUNNAR’s eyewear is going to help our players minimize peripheral distractions as well as ensuring a clear broad visual field that allows players to focus completely on the screen.   The lens tint cuts down glare and visual noise to optimize contrast and visual performance.  Our expertise, coupled with GUNNAR’s knowledge of how the human eye interacts with digital screens will bring to market great products for gamers, whilst educating at the same time. We are looking forward to commencing this exciting relationship.”


Learning more about GUNNAR Optiks:

GUNNAR Advanced Gaming Eyewear creates a more comfortable and rich visual experience, improving visual efficiency, endurance, and recovery, while combating eye fatigue during extending hours of gaming. The eyewear is a technical solution that helps minimize eye fatigue and visual stress while improving contrast, comfort, and focus. The patented I-AMP lens technology is comprised of a proprietary lens material in an advanced geometry tuned for intermediate viewing distance and finished with custom formulated lens filters, tints and coatings.

Main features of GUNNAR Optiks eyewear lens include:

  • Tint: The Amber lens tint is designed to increase overall contrast, detail, and resolution by filtering out harsh fluorescent light and reducing high-intensity blue light.  The result is a warmer, more natural light spectrum that minimizes the stress on your eyes, supporting sustained focus and alertness during marathon gaming sessions.
  • Shape: The highly wrapped, curved lens shape limits air currents near the eyes, creating a higher humidity environment.  This increased moisture helps reduce dry eyes and prevent irritation. The lens geometry pre-focuses the light to help support the eye’s natural focusing power to enhance detail for sharper, clearer vision.
  • Coatings: The lens coatings are designed to reduce glare and protect the lens.  Our coatings include an anti-reflective coating to reduce glare and reflections, and a hard coat that reduces environmental damage and minimizes scratching of the lens material.
  • Material: The proprietary lens material is optically pure for the clearest image possible and comprised of lightweight materials for long-haul ergonomics.
  • Fit: The lens and frame solution is constructed with the most advanced lightweight, yet durable materials available.  With adjustable nose pads and an ergonomically friendly fit, GUNNAR eyewear delivers both comfort and style.  The eSPORT collection of advanced gaming eyewear also features interchangeable, headset compatible temples to improve comfort while gaming with GUNNARs and a headset at the same time.


About Fnatic:  The Fnatic team is an ambitious and highly successful electronic sports organisation, which supports the world’s greatest gamers. After being crowned as Electronic Sports Team of The Year twice. Fnatic has achieved over 60 victories in major international tournaments and are acknowledged worldwide for their famous and charismatic Swedish Counter-Strike 1.6 team, hugely successful League of Legions squad, and Heroes of Newerth, and former PainKiller World Tour Champion, Sander “VoO” Kaasjager and Laurens”Lauke” Pluijmaekers, former Olympic Champion in Unreal Tournament. Fnatic currently have squads in Counter-Strike 1.6, , Call of Duty, Quakelive, Heroes of Newerth, Starcraft 2, Halo, League of Legions, and Cod X. We have over time established ourselves as a vibrant, well-coordinated outfit with a clear vision for the future of competitive electronic sports, commonly referred to as “esports”. For more information, please visit or Check out our video – What is Esports and Fnatic!

About GUNNAR Optiks:

GUNNAR Optiks, LLC engineers and produces Technology Eyewear, eyeglasses that enhance and work with the human visual system when viewing computer screens and digital devices. GUNNAR, a privately held company, was founded in 2005 and officially launched it’s Technology Eyewear in the United States in October, 2008. GUNNAR now offers four categories of Technology Eyewear including Advanced Computer Eyewear, Advanced Gaming Eyewear, Premium 3D Eyewear, and Advanced Outdoor Eyewear. For more information, please visit

GUNNAR, the GUNNAR logo, and i-AMP are registered trademarks of GUNNAR Optiks, LLC. All other trademarks are the property of their respective companies. Copyright 2011. GUNNAR Optiks, LLC. All rights reserved.

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