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A few months ago, we announced the arrival of our two sexy new Spring 2012 styles: the RPG and the Vayper. Last week, we announced that these very popular styles are now available for purchase at Best Buys nationwide in the US!

To celebrate, we asked our fans to tell us which style they liked better between the RPG and the Vayper and promised to pick 1 winner of each. Want to see what they wrote? Head over here and here.

And the winners are…drumroll please…


Aaron Winneroski with his creative “RPG Rap” wins a pair of RPGs!

When I look at the new Gunnar RPG glasses, they blow my mind.
The massive frame hides an ultra detailed quad-core hinge design.
Held in place by the grip of thermoplastic rubber.
I breath it, I need it, I’m an instant LOVER.
I love the style because it’s sleek and makes me look cool.
I wear them to protect my eyes, I ain’t no fool.
And when I turn my head and my friends see the ultra sharp design.
They scream in beauty and say I’m buying mine.


Steven Hughes for giving us love at PAX East wins a pair of Vaypers!

I was really impressed with the Vayper GUNNARS when I went to PAX EAST. I was looking at finding a pair of GUNNARS that were lighter with more of a minimalist industrial design and asked a gentleman from behind the GUNNAR desk. He pulled out the Vayper and the RPG. Both were lightweight and very comfortable. The RPG is more geared for “gamers” whilst the Vayper seems to be more for your everyday wear with computers and could be used for everyday gaming as well. I was sad to hear they were not yet available, but they are today! 🙂

And lastly, an honorable mention to Mark Jacobi. Thank you for your continued support and helping to spread the GUNNAR gospel!

I love (the RPG) because I have a big head, and this is the biggest frame that you guys have (that I’ve seen at least), other than the MW3 ones. I bought the MW3 ones, but am thinking about buying another pair to keep at work. Full time employee in front of a computer + full time student in programming + full time gamer = tons of eye strain. I would be so psyched to get another pair for free, because as a student I’m obviously not flush with cash. I already have people at work saying, wow those look pretty cool, what are they, where’d you get them, etc. Every time, I direct them over here, and explain how amazing they are and how much they’ve helped even after just a week! I think I’ve got at least 5 other people looking at purchasing within the next few weeks.

To learn more about the RPG and Vayper, please head over here.

To find your nearest Best Buy, head over here.

Thanks for participating and stay tuned for more giveaways! WINNERS: please email jordan at gunnars dot com to claim your prize!

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