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What’s up everyone!

Just wanted to let everyone know about this new app called SkyGrid, these guys have got some really cool stuff going on! With their app (which is available for iPhone, Android, and iPads alike), you have the ability to
follow the trending news that YOU care about.

Along with the app, SkyGrid has also developed SkyGrid Groups, which their site explains best:
” SkyGrid recently launched SkyGrid Groups to connect people with the music artists, brands, and public figures they are passionate about. Groups is a first-of-its-kind Social Messaging platform, connecting the conversations people are having all over the web – on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and hundreds of others – in one place. Any Public Figure can create a Group, and share items from across the web to their selected audience. SkyGrid Groups connects to your social network, and lets you see how your Facebook friends, and Twitter followers connect to the Groups you’re interested in. ”

Here’s a screen shot of the GUNNAR SkyGrid Group Page:

GUNNAR's SkyGrid Group!

So be sure to check out the great stuff SkyGrid has going on, and make sure you’re wearing your GUNNARS while you’re at it!

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