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Los Angeles, CA – The League of Legends World Championship is underway as the best GUNNAR ambassadors from Europe, North America, Korea, China and Southeast Asia battle it out for $2 million.  To celebrate the occasion (and forget about all the controversy and technical difficulties), we decided to hop in the GUNNAR Bus and take our summoners on an exclusive adventure to Medieval Times!

Here’s an inside perspective from guest blogger, Brad “Pluto” Ramey, an American-based League of Legends caster for Team Curse.

This past Sunday was GUNNAR Knight Out with myself and Team Curse, and I can adequately describe the experience in one word: amazing. To start the night off, the team was picked up in the luxurious GUNNAR RV. The RV included three big screen TV’s, drinks, snacks, a DVD player and an Xbox 360 that we used to properly school each other in NHL 13. We quickly realized that none of us were well versed in hockey, and should stick to Summoner’s Rift if we wanted to be successful. The nuances of a stick and puck fell far beyond our reach.

Medieval Times

Medieval Times!

Once we arrived at Medieval Times, we were introduced to our Knight of the night (see what I did there?): the Red and Yellow Knight. We were promptly whisked into the arena and were welcomed by our lovely server Teresa, who was, most definitely, the fairest in the land – we didn’t need a mirror on the wall to tell us that. Shortly thereafter, the games began and while our knight of choice faired well in the outlying games (ring jousting, spear throwing, etc), he fell short when it really mattered. The blue knight was the destined victor that evening, which wasn’t the worst because he was one of our few “allies” in the games.

NYJACKY at the GUNNAR Knight Out

NYJACKY showing off his custom “street” GUNNARS

Let the Games Begin!

Let the Games Begin!

Our Knight

Our Knight in red and yellow

Whilst watching the games unfold before our eyes, our stomachs were transfixed on the delicious food: BBQ Spare Ribs, Half of a Rotisserie Chicken, Potato Wedges, and an Apple Turnover. While the food was delicious, it seemed almost foreign to NYJacky, because there was not a chopstick in sight, and no ketchup for his lonely Potato Wedges made him one sad camper.

Group Photo

After the show we all gathered in the pub for a group photo

Needless to say, the night was one to remember. Gunnar treated us exceptionally well, and our night couldn’t have gotten any better. I want to personally thank everyone that came along from Gunnar to make it one heck of a “Knight Out” – even if our chosen Knight did not win gold that particular evening, we all shared a golden experience together as a team.

And so a great time was had by all. Thanks for the guest blog Pluto and thanks for attending Team Curse and Dignitas!

Good news: the playoffs resume tonight!


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