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By Kaleb Rutherford – 02/20/14
Gunnar Optiks has unleashed a new line of colorful glasses in their Intercept line of glasses. They come in a variety of colors including Cobalt, Fire, Ink, and Ghost. Each pair of Gunnar Optiks Intercept Color features a retro design with plastic that is very soft and doesn’t slip.

When we stare at screens all day, especially on marathon gaming sessions, our eyes tend to get strained and very dry. Gunnar Optiks help soothe your eyes and filter out 100% of UV Lights. However, these are not sunglasses. It is not recommended to wear them outside or when driving.

When first putting on the Gunnar Optiks, you should notice the reduced strain the yellow-tinted glasses puts on your eyes. This is so the blue light and harsh, fluorescent glare are not impacting your eyes. It may take a few minutes to adjust but once you do, you will see how much easier it is to focus on your work or games and not think or rub your dry, irritated eyes.

A lot of folks I have spoken to about Gunnar glasses think the idea sounds silly. But putting on a pair really makes a difference. When you wear them, you really do get virtually no strain on your eyes! Is it magic or some power of persuasion making you think they work? I have played a variety of games over the past few weeks with and without the Gunnar Optiks and I must say I find my eyes missing them when I don’t have them on.

For those of you in need of prescription eyewear, Gunnars are also available to be filled with your prescription directly from the Gunnar Optiks website. This will allow you to reduce your eye strain and still be able to see all of the intense gaming action or those highly important spreadsheets for work.

These amazing glasses start at only $59.00 and are available at online, at retailers like Amazon, or at your local Best Buy. We highly recommend giving them a try. Your eyes will thank us.

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