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We’ve all been there. Either a marathon day of Call of Duty online at launch, just cranking through those final levels of Grand Theft Auto even though it is 2 AM, or that all day guild raid in World of Warcraft, every one of us has spent too many hours in a single sitting playing games.

At the time it seems like a great idea but then almost immediately after, the pounding headache starts. You don’t realize it until it’s too late but you have strained the hell out of your eyes and now you’re going to suffer until the next morning. But there are solutions better than “playing less” because screw that, that’s not an option. Gunnar glasses actually work.

Gunnar lists all their benefits below that you can check out but they’ve also unveiled their latest series, the Intercept line. The current pair I have looks kind of bookwormish but this latest line actually looks like something I would wear out on a nice California weekend. As you’ll see in the pics below, there are a number of different color frames to get your personality out. You know, to all the people not seeing you sitting at home playing games.

In all seriousness, these are a must for gamers and a shame they weren’t out before the holidays as they could have made some awesome gifts. If you were a sucky friend and forgot to get your friends gifts though, this could be the right time to make good by heading to






Lens Benefits

  • The proprietary lens shape protects your eyes from drying air currents
  • Specifically tuned focusing power improves detail for clearer vision
  • Amber lens tint filters out harsh artificial light to reduce eye strain and improve contrast
  • Protective lens coatings include anti-reflective properties to reduce glare

Frame Benefits

  • Engineering grade injection polymers provide dimensional stability and long term durability
  • Curved nose rests provide even weight distribution and eliminate pressure points
  • Multi-barrel hinges create rotational stability for long lasting fit
  • Wide format lenses create a panoramic viewing field for high resolution viewing



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