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Family owned and operated Hughes Marino in San Diego, CA recently completed an overhaul of their downtown offices. With state of the art (and style) installations and furniture, the company set out to make sure the working environment was as close to a family environment as possible. Recently, through the GUNNAR Optiks B2B program, Hughes Marino completed another renovation — that of their eyesight.

Shay Hughes & GUNNARS B2B Director Jed Rawson

Shay Hughes & GUNNARS B2B Director Jed Rawson

Shay Hughes, COO of Hughes Marino who was in charge of the office renovation, was looking for further ways to enhance the office experience and lives of Hughes Marino employees. The company stresses certain core values that are fundamental to a healthy life, healthy business and now, healthy vision. They believe that trust, generosity, authenticity, gratitude and the rest of the golden rules are key to keeping employees and clients happy.

With a lobby that resembles a living room, custom sofas and leather chairs by Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture, Hughes Marino doesn’t skimp on keeping their employees and clients comfortable. An 80-inch flat screen displays family photos, while a baby grand piano plays itself (with the help of an iPod). With an office full of musicians, Shay also added a set of Taylor guitars during the renovation. Of course, no office in this style would be complete without items from Restoration Hardware. All this in a solid and dedicated effort to enhance their core values and make everything feel like home.

“Our core values apply in both business and family,” said President Jason Hughes in a Fine Homes and Living interview. “They aren’t some secret. It’s really about doing the right thing.” In this particular case, the right thing was purchasing a pair of GUNNAR glasses for every employee in the building. The most popular styles being the Haus Onyx in Crystalline and Joule Tortoise.

GUNNAR had a great reception from the employees at Hughes Marino. The industrial design of the building lets in a tremendous amount of natural light, which is part of the reason employees were so interested in GUNNAR eyewear. The other reason is that employees are staring at digital screens for long periods of time, similar to employees in any business that operates with digital technology. In such a state of the art office, visual ergonomics were an easy and inevitable enhancement to an already visually stunning environment.

Visually stunning environments come with a visual cost. Hughes Marino recognized this and reached out to GUNNAR Optiks. Many employers go to great lengths to protect their employees from ergonomic issues to not only save money on health insurance and lost productivity, but to enable their employees to do their best work. With GUNNAR glasses, Hughes Marino is making sure their employees are comfortable and productive in all aspects of their working environment.

Shay summed up the purchase of GUNNAR glasses for her employes quite succinctly, “Everyone is loving their GUNNAR glasses!”

For more information about the GUNNAR corporate sales program: visit or contact Jed Rawson, director of B2B sales at

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