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To celebrate the launch of the MLG Phantom Heat/Carbon, we asked GUNNAR fans to LIKE and COMMENT on the product page: for a chance to win a pair.

The win goes to Brian Esposito for his response,

My virtual systems are self-healing, my eyes, however, are not.

Brian was chosen to win based on a random drawing combined with a panel of GUNNAR judges. His response  demonstrates a cool need for a new pair of GUNNARS.

Brian, please email with your address in order to receive your new MLG Phantom Heat/Carbon GUNNARS! Congratulations on your victory!

Although we can only award one pair of GUNNARS, we had a ton of great comments. Here are our favorites:

Eugenio Ruano Jr.: I was born playing video games and have wanted Gunnars since i tried out a pair at my local Best Buy. I have to say they would really help me keep my eyes healthy so i can keep on gaming! 😀

Kaloycarlo Perez: are you fucking kiddin me man? this was the coolest eye glasses i ever seen. you can use in outdoors and indoors, it helps to protect your vision and make looks too cools to wear it! DAMN!! this is so AWESOME (y) m/

Michaël Ramananjatovo: I derserve to win THiS pair, because i belive in your technology, i would like to increase and develop m’y skills in each videogame and my work too.

Brian Esposito: My virtual systems are self healing, my eyes however are not.
Vicky Snip: I deserve to win this pair because I Spend More time on my computer,if I have Gunnar Glasses it will help protect my vision from Vision Problems.Thank you!

Cody Stepanski: If I were to win a pair I will be convinced my luck is not total poo.
Jackie Chen: I deserve to win, because I have been using Gunnars ever since the MLG pair came out. I like it, it has lessened my headaches and everything. I can now play for two days without a problem!

Steven Joshua Aponte: I deserve to win because I want to show off in style and see the enemies camouflaging in the distance popping their heads off with head shots and they going wonder how I seen them and my response will be Gunnar Optiks baby seen you nice and clear!

Arup Shaw: MLG Phantom Heat/Carbon GUNNARS Like A Boss
James Baron I would love a pair of these because i have massive headaches from playing for long hours and want to solve my problem with these cool looking glasses 😛 😀

Carl Burrows: If you wanna save your eyes …Gotta Get Gunnar !!!
Fernando Lacerda: I deserve these because I never won n0thing, sad but true. (a quibble with Jordan ‘n0thing’ Gilbert that uses Gunnars too haha).

Thanks again to everyone for participating! Please send any questions to

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