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SteelSeries, a recognized leader in the production of gaming gear and GUNNAR Optiks, a company best known for producing Digital Performance Eyewear which reduce eye fatigue, enhance performance, and protect against Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) have teamed up to produce the Scope pro gaming glasses.  Theses glasses are specifically designed to improve the gamers visual experience while minimizing eyestrain and fatigue.  As a gamer, I know that eyestrain and eye fatigue can cause major problems which at times can cause me to make poor decisions and lose a match.  For about $100, if they work as advertised, the Scope should give gamers an edge over the competition and probably be well worth the price.

While I am very familiar with SteelSeries and their gaming gear such as keyboards, mice and surfaces, I was not at all familiar with GUNNAR Optiks and had to do some research to find out more about this company.  As it turns out, GUNNAR Optiks is a relatively young company created to combat CVS, a problem which an estimated 125 million Americans suffer from.  Symptoms of CVS include headaches, burning eyes, tired eyes, dry eyes, blurred vision and neck and shoulder pain to name a few.  Most of these symptoms are pretty common after spending several hours a day playing video games on a computer.

Some of the features of the SteelSeries Scope pro gaming glasses include the following:

•    Helps reduce glare and improve visual focus.
•    Lightweight frames for long gaming sessions.
•    Enhance details for sharper, clearer vision.
•    Improves contrast for greater accuracy and efficiency.
•    Out of the box ready for 20/20 vision and compatible with GUNNAR’S Rx program.
•    Headset compatible

Inside the box is the SteelSeries Scope gaming glasses, a white microfiber protective cleaning bag and a manual.  The manual has warranty information, care and usage instructions along with website instructions for the GUNNAR Rx prescription website.

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