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Hey everyone! Check out our new video!


GUNNAR Optiks has produced an animated video to educate people about GUNNARS and how they can protect your eyes in front of digital screens.  We created this video to point out how much our lives revolve around digital screens and how GUNNARS will help improve that experience.

Remember, GUNNAR Eyewear helps minimize eye fatigue and visual stress, while improving contrast, comfort, and focus for anyone who spends long hours viewing digital screens.

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  • I’m am really interested in getting these to help with eye strain since I work on a Cintiq Tablet for at least 9 hours every day. I’m constantly staring at the screen and I rarely take much needed breaks. I’m an artist for a gaming studio and my concern is that if I get these then my colors (as I view them through Gunnars) would be tainted as I work. I can’t afford to have my artwork suffer, so I was wondering just how much will the lenses affect my color perception.



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