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When it comes to gaming, the setup is one of the key components to optimizing your experience, whether it’s the console, rig, monitors, or surround sound. There is another important item you should focus on, and that’s accessories for your actual eyes.


When I first heard of Gunners, they had a small truck at E3 a few years back. Their mission was to help gamers improve their gaming by helping reduce the strain staring at TV, or monitor for hours which could lead to problems, while improving the color contrast and magnification of images on the screen. Over the last few years,  the Gunnar brand has made it into the competitive gaming scene with pro players rocking the different brands of Gunnar Optics in their tournament matches, giving them a nice little edge when it comes to playing and helping their eyes.


Last year Gunnar showcased a more hip model that could be warn outside, leaving a fashion statement while still having the same abilities or optimizing your visuals. It uses a more grey frame similar to wearing shades. This year, however, aside from the gaming lines like the MLG Gunnars, a new line ha been introduced that’s dedicated to graphic artists, photographers and computer users. Rather than the yellow lens, the new models feature a clear lens which helps magnify the images while enhancing the colors for a pure look.

I’ve been rocking the Gunnar/Steelseries Desmo for the last year and a half and they are a great investment when it comes to gaming. The colors and the enhanced images are amazing to the point where it’s easier to say a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s something you really have to see for yourself to truly take in.



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