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The eyes are the windows to the soul, gamer’s eyes are always at risk and they need protecting as well. How many times have you been playing for a long time and your eyes have started to hurt? Your eyes hurt because of the strain of the screen, leaving them dry and fatigued.  The invention of gaming eyewear makes perfect sense. The leader in the field is Gunnar, these guys have patented the technology they use so no one can produce fakes. We have for review the Intercept model, a pair of sleek black gaming glasses with protective lenses which actually moisten your eyes through their anti-fatigue technology.
In the box you get a cloth pouch to store the glasses, a brochure and of course, the glasses. Instantly I like how the feel, I like the weight and the design. This model is perfect as it has wide lenses and this is ideal as every inch of the gaming world can be seen. There is also the added benefit as the wider lens means less dust and allergens can get in your eyes. When you wear these yellow-tinted lens make you feel slightly more at ease, its odd to say but they are sort of calming. The anti-glare lens coating on the lenses makes is easier to see enemies in the shadows as it improves the on-screen contrast. The special lenses also filter out harsh artificial light which causes eye strain. They are also anti-reflective and really do make a difference in gaming.
The frames are made from a engineering grade injection polymer which gives the frames structure and durability. These will last you a long while and never weaken in structural stability. I also liked the curved nose rest as my big nose was comfortable during play. It must also be noted here that the lens shape protects eyes from drying air.

The test for these was during a monster Call Of Duty: Ghosts battle, during 4 hours of play these were phenomenal. I never had to focus my eyes, they never dried out and even the crazy 100W lightbulb in my room could not stop me. I then took the Gunnars off and after an hour I was rubbing my eyes and began to get a headache like always. These truly made a massive difference for me and I’m very sure they will aid in you in your gaming. There is one negative point that I could find, they did smudge a bit easily for my liking. So those with sticky fingers beware. Look after your eyes and get these Gunnars, your eyes deserve to be cared for.


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